September 18, 2012

Ivy & Bean Week 6

As you know here on The O.W.L. I highlight books at all ranges of middle school readers (and in my middle school that's grades 5-8), because of this I was super excited to be asked to participate in the countdown to International Ivy & Bean Day on October 13th!

These 9  weeks are going to be fun!!!!

Each week I'll be highlighting a different Ivy & Bean book plus hosting a giveaway! Then on week 9 - all the previous winners will get a chance at a super awesome prize!

Before I get into all those details I want to first talk about this week's book:
Finally! After begging their parents for ballet lessons, Ivy and Bean finally get what they want...well, not exactly. Much to their surprise, it turns out ballet lessons do not include karate chops and roundhouse kicks to the villain's heart. The girls have no interest in learning how to dance gracefully, but they promised their parents they would finish the entire ballet course! When it comes time for Ivy and Bean to participate in the ocean-themed class recital, the girls must figure out a way to get out of it without breaking their promises.

When my daughter was little -like 5 and 6 - she took dance.  I was so excited because she'd get cute little dance costumes and tiny little ballet shoes.  And she got both of those.  But what no one told me about was having to do her hair! For one recital she had to have the curlers all over her head to create the Shirley Temple curls.  She looked adorable BUT what a pain!  Thankfully she was a patient little girl and sat quietly the whole time I had to put them in.  The next year she had to wear a bun.  No biggie right? Well she had SHORT hair.  So that meant we had to use a fake poof to create the bun.  I got it to work, but getting it to work was....well work! After that she was done and went on to soccer where hair didn't matter :)

To learn more about Ivy & Bean check out the websites below.

And check out what other bloggers participating are doing!

And of course if you want to buy the book you can click HERE!  
(you'll be taken to my favorite children's bookstore The Red Balloon)

Now for the giveaway!

I messed up the giveaways early on, so I'm taking some of these later weeks and giving them to those winners! They'll all be entered in the grand prize giveaway!

Remember the winners from each previous week are entered for the grand prize.  And what is the grand prize you ask???

A complete set of Ivy and Bean hardcover books signed by Annie Barrows

1 set of Ivy and Bean Paper Dolls
1 Ivy and Bean Button Factory
1 Ivy and Bean READ Poster signed by Annie Barrows
Set of Ivy and Bean Silly Bandz
Set of Ivy and Bean stickers
AND – a super-secret really cool prize still being worked on (stay tuned!)


  1. I love the Ivy and Bean books I've read so far. Thanks for running the giveaway.

  2. thank you for the opportunity! we love Ivy and Bean at our house! and the audiobooks in the car!

  3. Thanks for hosting this fun celebration!

    Jasmine @ the bookish mama
    thebookishmama at gmail dot com

  4. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity and for participating in the Hop.
    Carol L
    Lucky7450 (at) aol (dot) com