July 28, 2012

Reluctant Readers Road to Recovery Guide +GIVEAWAY

As an English teacher I obsessed with making sure kids read! But what do you do if you have a kid that really doesn't like to read???  Because of that question I was excited when Sourcebooks contacted me to share with you a fun post about reluctant readers and a great giveaway! 

For for those of you looking for help!

Do you fear approaching your Reluctant Reader?  Have they been spotted this summer participating in questionable behavior with their books like building forts and extreme paper dolls?  Identified by their atypical behaviors, the Reluctant Readers Road to Recovery Guide is here to help you create successful encounters with hesitant young readers everywhere.  Panic no more and take control of rainy day havoc, poolside chaos and playground mayhem with a great book for your unique reader.

Reluctant Readers Road to Recovery Guide

The Make-Believer has more imagination frequent flier miles than a Pan Am stewardess!  The best cure for this case of Reluctant Reading is Elliot and the Last Underworld War by Jennifer Nielsen (Author of The False Prince).  The Make-Believer will be thrilled to join the sarcastically hilarious Elliot in the Underworld.  As the King of the Brownies, Elliot has battled Goblins, tricked Pixies, and trapped a Demon. But now, the Demon has escaped and he's ready for revenge.  So, the Pixies, Shapeshifters, Elves, Goblins, and Brownies must join forces to battle the Demon head on before he has the chance to destroy Earth.

The Daredevil thinks trick-or-treating should apply to everyday life, especially the tricks!  Cure their hunger for trouble with Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire by Francesca Simon.  Not even your daredevil will believe what Henry is up to next in these four new wonderful and wacky tales.  The international bestselling Horrid Henry series provides readers with a prankster whose relentless antics create a laugh-out-loud read.  WARNING: Do not allow daredevils to consume milk while reading or milk may spray from the nose!

The BFF has matching bracelets with all her friends and wins Miss Congeniality every year.  This is a case of Reluctant Reading that can only be cured with Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch by Lauren Barnholdt.  Hailey Twitch and her spirited sprite Maybelle, return in the fourth installment to the fab, fab, fabulous series.  The BFF will be delighted to read as Hailey gets ready to be a flower girl in her cousin’s wedding!  Maybelle’s mischief and fairy magic is back and might land the duo in trouble!

Bruce Lee 2.0 can quote Enter the Dragon from start to finish and has broken table lamps with leg kicks. The only cure for such readers (and your house) is to follow the UK’s youngest secret agent in Jason Steed: Revenge by Mark A. Cooper. Set in a fast-paced 1970s Britain with non-stop excitement and martial arts fight scenes, Revenge is perfect for kids who aspire to be the next martial arts master and are looking for adventure stories and heroes who aren’t afraid to take action.  In the thrilling follow-up to Fledgling Jason is sent on a new undercover mission and must infiltrate a shadowy criminal organization –but his luck is running out.

Follow this guide and win a chance of snagging these great summer reads in a giveaway pack!

Elliot and the Last Underworld War by Jennifer Nielsen

Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire by Francesca Simon

Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch by Lauren Barnholdt

Jason Steed: Revenge by Mark A. Cooper

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You don't have to but for fun do you have any good ideas for getting reluctant readers to read?????


  1. What a fantastic list! Bravo! I wish I knew some RR to try this on.

  2. WOW! I once babysat/tutored these French boys and their parents wanted me to make them read English books, and it took me ALL day to get them to read a couple of pages. I should've bought some of these books for them, haha :D Great list!

  3. Love the made-up (maybe not?) list of readers. Just goes to show that if you tailor a book to a child's interests, they will read, read, read!

  4. As a school librarian, I'm always looking for more ideas for reluctant readers . . . so thanks!


  5. I have 5 kids and all of them love to read. Well, two have been reluctant readers in the past. The key for them was just finding the right books. One fell in love with the Halo series based on the video games. He was hooked on books after that and he still loves fast-paced action sci-fi stories. The other one doesn't care for fiction. He prefers schematics, biographies of inventors, and how-to books. There is a book for every kid. Just gotta find the right one. laurisawhitereyes at yahoo dot com

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  7. For reluctant readers I believe finding the right book is so important. The problem is it can be really difficult and as a school librarian I often don't have time to help every student. What I need is several clones. :)

    hg195 at yahoo dot com

  8. Great post!