May 1, 2012

Worst Case Scenario “Reading is the Ultimate Adventure” Blog Tour

As you should all know I teach 7th graders.  And shockingly enough not all them like to read!  Really! I know I was shocked by that fact too when I first started teaching!!! But sadly it's true.
So when Source Books gave me the opportunity to be part of the Reading is the Ultimate Adventure Blog Tour and share a book designed to hook those reluctant readers I jumped at the chance!

What book you ask?  Well it's actually a series.  I love when there's more than one.

The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure Novels

More specifically for this review 
Worst-Case Scenario Aultimate Adventure: Amazon

A new thrill ride begins in the Amazon rainforest with the latest novel in the Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure series! Join an expedition of students exploring the Amazon jungle and face real dangers and decisions. Your choices will determine your fate. Will you survive your encounters with piranhas, tarantulas, mosquitoes, monkeys, and jaguars? Or will you be forced to return home early? Only you can decide how to survive. There are twenty-two possible endings to this adventure, but only ONE leads to ultimate success! Featuring dynamic comic book style illustrations, and based on real, true-life facts about the Amazon, this story will be a surefire hit with anyone craving a fun, highly visual reading experience.

I decided to give it to my 10 year old son who <gasp> doesn't really care for reading!  
At first he growled at me.  This would be his typical reaction to a book.  But then I sat him down and forced him to look through it with me.  

"See cool maps." I say.  He grunts but looks.
"See pictures not just words." More grunts but looks more.
"Now watch this....." and I show him how you pick your own adventure.  No grunts as he helps me decide.  

I hand him the book and walk away from him.  Does he continue to read?  Yes some.  Not crazy like I couldn't get him to put it down, but way more than I've seen him do with any book besides Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Success?  Yes!!!  He now has it in his backpack for school, and I will be making sure he knows that there are more books like this.  I don't think he was aware of books like this.

I asked him later what he thought of the book.  You need understand that my son gets really really crabby with me when I ask him about reading.  He growled again, but I pushed.  He admitted that he did like it and was flipping through it.  That's a big deal.  My son never reads a book front to back.  He always flips around.  See why I thought a pick-you-own would be great for him!!! It totally fits his reading style.  Score!

Now as his mom what do I like:  It's not straight reading.  What I mean is it's not paragraph by paragraph.  I loved that one of the choices took you to graphic novel pages!  That really helps with those kids that lose focus easily (my son!).  I also love that they wouldn't have to read every single page but yet still read an entire story.  That gives him a sense of accomplishment. And lastly I like that it's part of a series, so I can give him more books to continue with.  That way we aren't losing time looking for something new.  He can be grabbing the next book and off and reading. 

Now beyond that I showed the book to 4 reluctant 7th graders.  Here's what they said:

"Oh it's a pick-your-own adventure?!? I LOVE those!!!"
"Looks really cool.  I'd definately like to try reading it."
"Oh my gosh I keep dieing!" (said while excitedly trying a few of the choices)
"I like it.  When can we check it out?"
"I'd try reading it."

Great responses I thought :)

So if you're interested and want to see more check out the links below.  And for sure check out the trailer - you get to chose your own path!

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  1. I just found out about these books yesterday during my jaunt through Marvelous Middle Grade Monday posts. They sound so different and cool!

  2. Awesome the kids who don't like to read love them. My daughter didn't have the best reading taste until she started reading Percy Jackson in 5th grade and then The Hunger Games. Now she loves to read. So there's hope Jill once the kids find the right books. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Hey. we're on the same blog tour! Glad you had the same kind of success with the RRs that I had!