March 5, 2012

Some Great MG Meme's!

Do you want to find some more MG books to read???? 
You should check out these two great meme's!

Tween Tuesday:  This one was started by GreenBeanTeenQueen.  Multiple blogs around the blog-o-shere share the MG books they are reading.  It was the first meme of MG books that I found.  Check it out!

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday:  This one was started by Shannon Messenger on her blog.  Each Monday she reviews a MG book she has read.  PLUS she links to other blogs that are part of Marvelous Middle Grade Monday.  Love that because you can check out books!  Also, she often has a giveaway of a MG book.

So there you go!  Two great meme's for MG books.  Check them out and join in.  Wouldn't it be great to see MG promoted more??

Now if you know of any other MG meme's I'm not aware of please, please add a link in the comments.  I'd love to find some more!


  1. Mundie Kids is spotlighting middle grade this month and Mundie Moms, their older books blog, also features middle grade on occasion. Here's the link:

    I just did a post on supporting middle grade today with a YA giveaway. More people than I thought support MG.

  2. I have a round-up every Sunday of mg sci fi and fantasy--it's not a meme, exactly, but anyone is welcome to send me links during the week!

  3. I've never 'taken part' in Marvelous Middle Grade Monday, but I always see it around the blogosphere. I should probably get involved, eh? *grin*

  4. Love MMGM and Tween Tuesday! Thanks for featuring them. And, Charlotte's MG sci fi and fantasy round-up is _awesome_!