March 11, 2012

Other Blogs That Are MG Focused - ADD YOURS!

I'm not the only MG blog out there.  Quite honestly there are some blogs out there that focus on MG way more than me since I tend to focus on any book my 7th graders might read.  

Today I'd like to share those blogs with you.  

Middle Grade Mafioso
This blog is ran by Michael Gettel-Gilmartin who is a MG author.  He participates in Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays and often has giveaways.  

Smack Dab in the Middle 
This is a MG author's blog that has great posts about MG books.  Great, great place to find some new MG books!

From the Mixed-Up Files
This blog is fantastic! If you want to know about MG books, MG authors, writing for MG students or just writing the MG novel - you need to look here.  They have books lists broken apart into different genres AND a page for teachers and librarians.  Check them out. 

Mundie Kids 
This is a blog by the same bloggers as Mundie Moms.  Awesome blog that really wants to share MG books and encourage reading for that age - and all children. And they are ALSO focusing on MG books in March!!!!!!

Kid Lit Frenzy
Although they cover picture books too they are a great blog for MG books.  Plus they have lots of other resources.  

Now I'm not the only one doing something for MG books during the month of March.  I wanted to share what the Novel Novice is doing.  They are doing an entire month focused on MG books!!! You need to check out all their fantastic posts.  So excited to see this! 

Now I know there are a ton of other bloggers that really focus on MG books!  If you tell me your blog and address in the replies I'll add it to this list! :)

Giveaway Round Up for The O.W.L.

Here are the giveaways currently up for The March of MG

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2 books by E.D. Baker
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Renegade Magic
Goddess Girls
MG Boys Books


  1. Awesome. I'm off to check these out. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring Mundie Kids on your post!!! I love finding new MG blogs to follow.

  3. Hi! It's great to see all these MG blogs. My blog, That's Another Story, is focused on writing and reading MG books.

  4. I love all of these blogs and yours, I must say.

    I focus quite a bit on MG on Just Deb: Reading and Writing for Children and Teens. ( Maybe not enough for to be included though? Absolutely fine if not.

    Cheers and Happy MG March!

  5. This is an awesome month. I focus on middle grade books and authors about twice a month at Literary Rambles on Mondays and participate in Shannon's Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays series.

  6. It's been such fun to see all of the MG fun popping up this month! I love that so many YA bloggers are getting in on the MG affection, too. Middle Grade Mafioso was a recent discovery, and now I'm excited to check out the others you've mentioned. Thanks for the links!

  7. Thanks for the great list (and for the month in general!)

    My blog is mostly middle grade sci fi/fantasy....

  8. Thanks so much, Jill, for mentioning my blog in this list. I'm honored!

  9. I will add them to my MG blog roll. Thanks :) ...