March 15, 2012

Guest Post +GIVEAWAY Deb Marshall from Just Deb

I welcome Deb Marshall today who runs the blog Just Deb
 Fantastic blog. 
 Fantastic blogger. 
Fantastic promoter of MG books!  
She's here today to share some of her favorite MG series and offer a giveaway.

Welcome Deb!

When I stared working at the library many (many) years ago, I was given a list of books I needed to read. Many were middle grade fiction, because my job included doing book talks for library tours and school visits. I also picked out other titles to read (about 20 if I remember right). I also had to know the insides of books, so when I would talk to young patrons coming into the library and they told me about a book they loved, I needed to be able to find the next book for them to read. I’ve been reading middle grade ever since and still love every moment. Although I don’t have opportunities to do it as much anymore, nothing gives me more pleasure than talking to a young reader and sending them out of the library with an armload of books try. And many a time those books are fantasy. Believe it or not when I started at the library I didn’t think I liked fantasy.

Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper was one of the books I had to read.

Needless to say I discovered I kind of LOVED fantasy. Series especially. Over the years my list of favorites has grown to also include (in no particular order…er, not even alphabet!)

The Chronicles of Prydain: Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

The Last Apprentice: Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan 

The Heir Chronicles: Warrior Heir by Cinda Chima

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney

The Giveaway!
The above is a very small sampling. I could go on and on. But rather than that, I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments. 
Those comments will get you an entry into the giveaway which is a book from any one of the series I’ve mentioned. Or, if there is another middle grade fantasy you have been dying to get for yourself, let me know and that can be your pick. 
As long a book depository delivers to you and the book is no more than 25.00 (U.S.) it’s yours. 
Please leave a way to contact you!
Ends March 31st!


  1. Fantasy is one of my absolute favorite genres too! Have you read The Lost Conspiracy by Frances Hardinge? It's amazing! Thanks so much for a chance to win :) katiedekoster (at )

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you changed your mind about not liking middle grade fantasy! I think it's the BEST. Especially recently, as I've evaluated my old favorites. Great post!

    As for the giveaway, I've really been meaning to get The Star Shard, but I haven't been intentional about heading to the bookstore. I'd love to win it! *grin*

  3. Ooh, I've not read The Last Apprentice, but since it's on a list with some of my all-time favorite MG fantasy books, I'd best get on it!

  4. Deb, you're such a great promoter of MG books. I so appreciate it. I love fantasy and that's one of the things I love about middle grade books. I loved The Chronicles of Prydain and The Heir Chronicles though my library put it in YA. I love Cinda Chima's new series too.

    I'd really love a copy of The False Prince. It's about a 15 year old character but has a MG feel as well as YA. I have to give away my copy for a giveaway and love it.

  5. I don't consider myself a reader of fantasy, but I find myself reading some. I LOVED the Inkheart series as well as the Percy Jackson series. You have some listed that look pretty intriguing. Thanks for the post and the contest!

  6. As an elementary school library tech, I read a lot of middle grade so I can recommend to my students. Some are just too silly for me to really enjoy for myself--but others I just love. One of my favorite series is Peter and the Starcatchers. Great fantasy and so hilarious.

  7. Lauren Oliver's Liesel and Po is a great MG fantasy read!

  8. Thanks for having me, Jill! Nothing I love more than talking books and recommending reads to kids!

  9. Llehn...yes on Liesel and Po! So unique and I loved the setting and feel of it. A good read for fans of Coraline!

    Rosi-me too on Percy Jackson and Inkheart! There are so many good series out there we can share with kids-meets all reading needs and interests.

    Nathalie..I am off to check out False Prince. Thanks for that! Haven't read Chima's latest series yet, but looking forward to it.

    Hope you enjoy Last Apprentice Melissa!

    Cecelia, I agree on MG fantasy being the best. Will be reading THE STAR SHARD, too. Thanks!

  10. I've started quite a few MG fantasy series but I haven't finished any of them yet. The only one I'm close on is the Emily Windsnap series for mermaid fans :)

  11. I do love middle grade. I think I like them because they tend to be more hopeful than many YA books. I struggle with stories that are too dark.

  12. I love every book on the list but still have not read The Heir Chronicles: Warrior Heir by Cinda Chima yet.

  13. Oh, I really enjoyed the Ranger's Apprentice books (even though I haven't actually finished the series yet!). Thanks for the heads up on The Heir Chronicles--that's new to me. I'd love to check them out!

  14. I just found this blog and love it. I am always on the lookout for this type of books for my two pre-teens. They are avid readers. Often, I read their books also and we discuss them.
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