March 13, 2012

Author Interview Sarah Aronson

Today I have an interview with Sarah Aronson author of Beyond Lucky.

First about her book
Ari Fish believes in two things: his hero-Wayne Timcoe, the greatest soccer goalie to ever come out of Somerset Valley-and luck. So when Ari finds a rare and valuable Wayne Timcoe trading card, he's sure his luck has changed for the better. Especially when he's picked to be the starting goalie on his team. But when the card is stolen-and his best friend and the new girl on the team accuse each other of taking it-suddenly Ari can't save a goal, everyone is fighting, and he doesn't know who, or what, to believe in.
Before the team falls apart, Ari must learn how to make his own luck, and figure out what it truly means to be a hero. 

Welcome Sarah!!!

One Answer Questions

Point of View: 1ST
Boy or Girl main character BOY
More boy or girl book (stereotypically) boy (for now)

The Serious Questions!

Why MG instead of any other age level? 
No matter what, I always start with character, so that usually determines the genre of the book. When I began to imagine Ari and his friends, they were clearly twelve. This is a time when so many great conflicts and dilemmas occur in life. And challenges. (I used to be a Sunday School principal, so I had a firsthand look at some of them!)

For you MG novel what part are you most excited about? What part do you think they'll enjoy reading the most or was the most fun to write?
I loved writing the mystery of Who stole the card???

When you were in middle school kind of student were you? Did you write then? Did you read?
I came very late to reading books. When I was young, I was not a very serious student. I wanted to be an actress . . . or maybe a punter in the NFL. I kept a journal for the two years I lived in England, but other than that, I didn't write! I wasn’t a shy kid, but I was pretty insecure. A lot of my friends were boys, and like Ari and Parker, we were often a bit out of sync.

And because it's the owl my standard question always is: WHOOO do you admire when it comes to writing? OR WHOOO do you like to read or really enjoyed in HS or middle school?
I LOVE reading funny books. Gordon Korman’s No More Dead Dogs, Howe’s Bunnicula, and most recently Tommy Greenwald’s Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading. (I interviewed him on the mixed up files.) And I also love books about sports. Right now, I'm working on a MG novel about football. (Shout out to the fabulous New York Giants!!!)

In high school (and middle school), I loved reading plays, especially Shakespeare. I'm serious! The writing for me was like a secret code. I loved acting it out and of course, finding the funny lines and performing them so others got the joke.

The Fun Questions! (based on what 7th graders do!)

Do you chew gum? Yes or No If yes favorite kind? No. Gum hurts my teeth after about eight or nine chews! But I like pineapple lifesavers. And Mounds bars.

Do you text? When I must. I'd rather hang out in person. 

Was school lunch just as yucky then as it is now?! It was WORSE!!! Even pizza day. YUCK!!! I packed my lunch!

Thank you so much Sarah for hanging out at The O.W.L. and visiting for The March of Middle Grade!!!!
 If you want to know more about Sarah and her book check out her website.


  1. I hadn't heard of this one before. It's so fun to see a female author who not only writes from the male perspective, but also writes sports books! Thanks for the inside scoop, Sarah and Jill :)

  2. Oh, school lunch. I love that question. I remember how much I loathed eating cafeteria food. I did finally get some MG reviews posted this month, linked up in your giveaway post. Thanks for the great month of highlighting MG!

  3. Great interview. I love her passion for sports. I'd love to see what she could do with a GIRL main character in sports.