March 24, 2012

7's Up: In the Spotlight

I love teaching 7th grade, and I love hearing their thoughts on reading.  And I really don't care if the thoughts are the good, the bad or the ugly! I can deal with them all.  Well Saturday's are now the day I'll be highlighting them - the real reason I run this blog.  Bi-weekly I'll be feature a MG reader.  These are the kids that are really out there reading MG and YA books.  And these are their thoughts on reading.  For the spotlight they answer a bunch of questions about their reading.

Today Our Spotlight Focuses On: Trevor!

What book are you currently reading (or JUST finished). AND in one sentence tell what you thought of it. I just finished Dust and Decay and thought was the best book ever made!!!

What are your favorite kinds of books/authors? I mostly read action books or zombie books. I LOVE reading books by Jonathan Maberry!!! 

For a bookmark you use....... Who needs a bookmark????? :)

If you could only take one book with you on a deserted island what book would it be??? Dust and Decay

I like to read because........... I like to read sense it passes time and make me have a better imagination.

When I'm not reading I'm......... Doing homework, Eating, Hanging out with friends, Playing video games

If a kid didn't really like reading - what book would you recommend that you think would get them reading? Rot and Ruin

When someone says reading is dumb or stupid you say.......... I say "Hey NO"

I think Mrs. F is obsessed with books and reading????? YES!!! She's crazy! But a good crazy :)

When someone bugs me while reading I........... Threaten to hit them with my book if they don't stop

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your love of reading? 8

When I'm looking for a book to read I find one by........ Looking at Mrs. F's books

I prefer hardcover or paperbacks. Hardcover

I cheat and read the end of the book first or before I get to it. Gasp no! Never! That's horrible!

Thanks Trevor for sharing your thoughts on reading! And I agree - Rot & Ruin is an amazing book!


  1. Thanks Trevor. Thanks for sharing about your favorite book. I'll have to check it out. And I agree, Ms. F. is obsessed with books. Yay for that!

  2. Trevor, nice to meet you. Its so exciting to see a young man interested in reading. My nephew is close to your age his favorites are by Rick Roirdan. Do you like any of his books? I also am found of the Artemis Fowl series. What do you think of those books, as I have always thought they would be a perfect fit for boys in your age range.

    PS: I'm glad you don't read the ending of the book first, to me, it just ruins the whole book.

  3. Fun to hear what these kids are thinking. I've got 5 of my own. Maybe I should interview them.

  4. Trevor, you sound hilarious! My husband is obsessed with Rot and Ruin and keeps bugging me to bring home Dust and Decay. I need to read them both!

  5. What a great idea to hear about favourite books straight from the kids. Enjoyed your answers, Trevor!

  6. i must totally get and read Rot and Ruin and Dust and Decay. Been in my tbr pile fro too long!!

    Thanks Trevor and this. Sigh...I so so miss my book club kids.