February 16, 2012

Kinda Tween Tuesday (On Thurs) : Review - Hailey Twitch

A little while ago I was was offered Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch for review.  Now I know that this book is way to young for the kids I teach, but always wanting to know about all kinds of books I took it for review.  So I now offer it up as Tween Tuesday although it's on the very young end of it!  Tween Tuesday was started by GreenBeanTeenQueen.

Title: Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch
Author Lauren Barnholdt

The next installment in this hilarious and heartwarming series featuring a seven-year-old mastermind who tries really hard not to blame her invisible friend for getting her into heaps of delicious trouble. Hailey's magic sprite, Maybelle, has finally gotten control of her magic Does that mean that Maybelle no longer needs Hailey? As if that's not enough to worry Hailey, now she's got her hands full being a flower girl in her aunt's wedding.

My Thoughts
What a cute fun book for young readers! I can see so many young girls just enjoying the craziness of Hailey.  In this story Hailey is doing everything possible to make sure she is the best flower girl ever! Never mind this means she ends up getting into trouble several times and making a lot of people mad at her.  She's spunky enough to dig in and keep going. Stubborn I guess you'd say!  I can relate to that because I was a pretty stubborn kid.  Although no where at all like Hailey!

The story itself is simple and for us old folk Hailey could drive us a little nuts - especially if you're a parent.  But a young girl reading it would just be amused and laugh at her.  She is funny.  I love how she rationalized everything.  It, of course, all made sense to her, and she couldn't understand how anyone would see any different!  Loved it.

If you have a young girl look for a series to read, check this one out. Especially if that girl is a little mischievous :)

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