February 5, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hey all I'm back to blogging full time! The time off (even tho I did pop in now and again) was very good for me.  I was able to read more and just de-stress.  I did miss blogging, so coming back is definitely the right thing.  I was fully prepared to give it up if the thought of coming back stressed me.  It didn't! 

But I have made some decisions.

The biggest: I will take none-to very few books for review.  I have done a lot of thinking about and have decided that I will take very very very very few books for review.  To help with this I will no long accept books for review when approached by the author.  Nothing against those authors at all!!!! It's just an easy way to draw the line for me.  I hope all you fantastic authors out there understand! I am still open to featuring these books and authors through interviews or guest posts, but I will not accept any books for review.  I will warn you though that even though I'm open to it - those too will be limited to only a few a month just to keep my stress down on planning and doing those. You see when I have all these posts that HAVE to go on a certain day I begin to fill stressed! Plus that gets into my reading time.

Next: I'm want to feature my middle schoolers more.  Their reviews and their thoughts.  I don't see a lot of blogs that get the opinions of the real MG or YA reader (except of course those blogs written by teens which I LOVE!).  I am going to bi-weekly feature an actual middle school reader, so you can all hear from them and their real reading habits!  Plus I'm going to have them write reviews as much as I can.  They may not be the best reviews, but they'll be honest thoughts!

Last:  I'm going to just have fun and let my love of books take center stage regardless if it isn't fancy and perfect.  After all that's what this blog is all about! :)

A Few Things Coming Up!

*March is going to be The March of the Middle Grade.  I've got lots of stuff planned for the entire month to celebrate middle grade books.  Lots of authors are on board, other bloggers and I've gotten lots of books for giveaways.  It's gonna be fun.  (and yes I realize that goes against my whole non-scheduling thing for stress!) IF you offered to help and haven't replied to the big email I send out, please do so quickly :)

*I'm doing the Followers Love Hope starting tomorrow so watch for that! I figure I should reward all the followers that have stuck with me!

*And lots of reviews of books I've been reading!

It's good to be back.  I missed you all!!!


  1. i love the idea of kid reviews. can't wait.

  2. I didn't get the big e-mail. Am I not on the list?

    Glad you're back. I can totally relate to cutting back to enjoy the blog. I have to be careful too so I don't have so many books for my blog to read that I can't read the other ones I like. The middle grade reviews sound like fun.

  3. OH wow, I can't wait to hear from your middle grade readers! That sounds soo cool!

    And welcome back! I'm glad you took time off to think about your blog: the changes are welcome.

  4. Can't wait to see reviews from your kiddos! It'll be so interesting to see what they choose to recommend. Aaaaand, I'm SUPER excited about MG March Madness!!! Already emailed you about, just reiterating my excitement :)

  5. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing more from your students...!

  6. Oh pooh! You're back and I'm taking a blogging break after tomorrow. I may not be back until mid-March. I'll try to pop in on some favorite blogs from time to time.

    Glad you had a chance to de-stress. And I'm excited about middle-graders writing reviews!

  7. Great thoughts and plan. I look forward to seeing it in action. :) Welcome back doll :)

  8. I had to do the same thing with books, I just had to stop accepting them. I have way too many books to read and things I want to truly talk about and show my excitement for.