February 6, 2012

Cover Crush: Preloved

I love book covers.  Love love love them! I've been known to drag my sister around Barnes and Noble and show her all the covers I like. I'll hunt down certain students in the morning because I know they'll love a cover as much as me.  I really think I develop a crush on certain covers!

Today I'm crushing on:

Preloved by Shirley Marr

Isn't it fantastic?? I love the kind of washed out colors of it.  And I wonder why this girl is in a pretty dress but yet she doesn't seem happy.  Although I'm not sure how I can tell that since I can't see her face.  I guess just because of where she's sitting.  And to top it all off - she's got on Converse! Love that.  I own literally 8 pairs, so I'm kinda drawn to any cover with them.  Anyway just love this cover.  Oh and BTW the summary sounds good took. Click the title to see it.

Your thoughts???


  1. Love the contrast of the dress and the sneakers. Great choice.

  2. I like it because it unique. I don't love it though because its a photographic image. I mostly prefer graphic or illustrative covers. I love the idea of sneakers with a fancy dress though. Makes me giggle.

  3. That's such a cute title and cover. Dresses and Converse together are great.