February 21, 2012

Cover Crush: Dead To You

I love book covers.  Love love love them! I've been known to drag my sister around Barnes and Noble and show her all the covers I like. I'll hunt down certain students in the morning because I know they'll love a cover as much as me.  I really think I develop a crush on certain covers!

Today I'm crushing on:

Lisa McMann

I just love this cover.  The close up of the face, eyes closed.  I guess I could assume the person is sleeping, but because of the title I automatically assuming it's more than that.  Then the little while flakes! What are they?  Why are they?  What do they have to do with the story???
Just love it all.  So eye catching.


  1. I almost never comment on covers, but this one really grabbed me! I'm intrigued, and a little creeped out,,,

  2. This is one of those covers that's hard to look away from.