February 11, 2012

7's UP! In the Spotlight

I love teaching 7th grade, and I love hearing their thoughts on reading.  And I really don't care if the thoughts are the good, the bad or the ugly! I can deal with them all.  Well Saturday's are now the day I'll be highlighting them - the real reason I run this blog.  Bi-weekly I'll be feature a MG reader.  These are the kids that are really out there reading MG and YA books.  And these are their thoughts on reading.  For the spotlight they answer a bunch of questions about their reading.

Today Our Spotlight Focuses On:

A.K.: a 7th grade girl

What book are you currently reading (or JUST finished). AND in one sentence tell what you thought of it.
I am reading Id Tell You I Love You But Then Id Have To Kill You. I am enjoying it so far.

What are your favorite kinds of books/authors?
I enjoy fanticy and historical fiction.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your love of reading? 

For a bookmark you use.......
Whatever is handy

If you could only take one book with you on a deserted island what book would it be???
Little Women

When I'm not reading I'm.........
Doing homework

If a kid didn't really like reading - what book would you recommend that you think would get them reading?

When someone says reading is dumb or stupid you say..........
I bet if you counted all the words you read so far today it would be alot.

When someone bugs me while reading I...........
Glare at them til they stop

When I'm looking for a book to read I find one by........
Asking friends or family

I prefer hardcover or paperbacks.

I cheat and read the end of the book first or before I get to it....
Gasp no! Never! That's horrible!

I think Mrs. F is obsessed with books and reading?????
YES!!! She's crazy! But a good crazy :)

I like to read because...........
I like getting sucked into a book and it passes time.

I hope you learned a little about A.K. today! She's a great girl that got me to read The Wide Awake Princess!!! Stay tuned for more 7th grade readers!


  1. Great interview Abbey. Love your picture too. My daughter read the Uglies too and liked it. I'll have to check it out.

  2. Fun! And she prefers hardcovers?? wow.

  3. Enjoyed the interview. Thanks.

  4. What a great feature! I'm surprised she chose Little Women as her deserted island read - A.K. sounds like a super reader!

  5. Like Katie, I'm surprised she chose Little Women as her deserted island read. I don't think I would have had the patience to read a book like that when I was her age.

    This is a really cool feature! Most of the book bloggers I follow are adults. I lose sight of the opinions of those the books are really written for. I really look forward to reading more interviews =D

    - Jackie

  6. Love this! Can't wait for more spotlights.

  7. I think this is really funny and I like what she said.