November 29, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: The Contest (Everest Series #1)

Title: The Contest (Everest Series #1)
Author: Gordon Korman

A thrilling adventure trilogy from Gordon Korman about a number of kids competing to be the youngest person to ever reach the top of Mt. Everest
Four kids. One mountain.
They come from all across America to be the youngest kid ever to climb Everest. But only one will reach the top first. The competition is fierce. The preparation is intense. The challenge is breathtaking. When the final four reach the higher peaks, disaster strikes -- and all that separates the living from the dead is chance, bravery, and action.

My Thoughts
Gordon Korman has written several of these trilogy series, but this is the only one I've read.  It's a great book for those kids who need something short, fast paced and enough mystery to keep them guessing.  I found that all in this book.  This first book in the trilogy is all focused on how the kids are chosen to be part of the group of kids that will climb Mt. Everest. You'd think it could be kind of boring even cut down to be part of the second book, but you really can't.  So much is set up in this book that you know will be played out in the other two books.  I liked that part of it - it wrapped up the mystery and tension in this part of the story well, but set up so much that you want to keep reading and know exactly what is going to happen.

The book also had some great twists and surprises.  As the kids battle it out to be part of the team you begin to realize that as talented as each are, they each have struggles and secrets they are trying to hide.  And worse some are trying to prove what everyone thinks about them is wrong. Putting those two situations together creates some very dangerous situations.  This sense of danger kept me reading because I wanted to find out if anyone got hurt during it all.  This is even more important with how the story starts hinting at something bad that happens on the climb.  I know that any kid reading this first book will want to know more and jump right into the rest of the series.

Final thought: Great for both boy and girls who love to read and perfect for the reluctant reader
Best stick-with-you image: All the climbs were all so well described that I would get nervous!
Best for readers who: Like short books that have a lot happening
Best for ages: 9-12

For the Guys? YES! The main character is a boy and he does a lot of daring things that should impress some guy readers


  1. I love anything to do with Everest and found this series to be a perfect intro to the mystique surrounding Everest for kids. Good choice for Tween Tuesday!

  2. I love Gordon Korman-he's my author crush. His books are always good!

  3. Oh yay! I had no idea Gordon Korman had a new one, and a series at that! I love Bugs Potter as a kid. Is this funny like his old works?