November 11, 2011

For the Guys: N.E.R.D.S. by Michael Buckley

On Fridays I like step back and make sure that I am addressing boy readers.  It's so easy to review and highlight books for girls, but I also teach boys, so I need to make sure to find books for them! 
Today I'm featuring a series boys  might enjoy.

by Michael Buckley

Why Do I Think Boys Would Like?
It's about spies and kids being spied and has gadgets - fun gadgets.  How could boys not like it!
And it has pictures - fun pictures.  Now I'm not saying boys can't read books without pictures or that they need them, but I know boys and they tend to gravitate towards that kind of book! And the concept of this book is great - the nerds actually being the "cool" kids.  How many boys (all kids actually!) could relate to that!  

I have the audio book of this, so we're going to listen to it.  I think my son will really enjoy it.  Maybe enough to actually read the second book!

N.E.R.D.S #1
Michael Buckley is at his comic best in this madcap new series sure to appeal to kids looking for a quick, exciting read.
Combining all the excitement of international espionage and all the awkwardness of elementary school, NERDS, featuring a group of unpopular students who run a spy network from inside their school, hits the mark. With the help of cutting-edge science, their nerdy qualities are enhanced and transformed into incredible abilities! They battle the Hyena, a former junior beauty pageant contestant turned assassin, and an array of James Bond–style villains, each with an evil plan more diabolical and more ridiculous than the last.

N.E.R.D.S. #2
In this second outing for the 5th grade super spies, Duncan Dewey, codename "Gluestick", is the point of view character. This time the group must fight a very unlikely villain - he still lives with his Mum. In other words, it's the NERDS against a nerd.

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