November 7, 2011

Cover Crush: Touched by Cyn Balog

I love book covers.  Love, love, LOVE them.  I've been known to drag my sister across Barnes and Noble just to show her a book cover.  Or to find students before school starts just to do the same.  You could say that yes, I develop a cover crush!

Today I'm Crushing On:

by Cyn Balog

Why I Like It?

Well first it has a boy on the cover! I just don't see it that often in YA.  
I also love the colors.  I think I'm drawn to covers that have shades of blue.  
Then I love how the things (for lack of a better word) flow out from him.  I wonder what comes off him - like what sort of ability or something - and is it bad?  They seem to stay with him as he's walking surrounding him, so I wonder if he controls them or if they control him.???
Just love it!


  1. That is an awesome cover. I'm curious too about what the magical power is.

  2. Wow. It definitely captures the attention. I have a hard time looking away.

  3. Exactly Juju that's what I think - I can't look away.

  4. That is a "goose bumpy" cover, for sure. I love how it looks like something has spilled on it in certain places. I'd have to say that what intrigues me the most is the haunting, handwritten title. It's a perfect compliment to the art.