November 1, 2011

Cover Crush 7th Grade Style: Carrier of the Mark

I love covers. You all know that! But what I also love is to see if my 7th graders love a cover as much as I do. I'll put the cover up on my Smartboard and let them comment on it.  

This time I put up:

Here's what they had to say!

Creepy (I think I counted this 12 times!)
Yes I would read it!
Awesome! (a few times)
That girl has some weird power
Something to do with water
Hot! (a few times!)

Over all they thought it was just play weird!  I asked if it would get them to pick up the book.  It seemed that the girls said yes more than no, but the boys said no.  The boys agreed that was because it seemed like a "girly" book (I'm working on the guys reading girl books!).

I like this cover.  I think it's very cool and intriguing. I love how her dress seems to be disappearing.  I wonder if she'll disappear.  I will say though, when I first saw it I wondered where her head was! Then I saw she had it thrown back.

Your thoughts????


  1. Love the cover and what your kids had to say. I can see why the boys won't pick it up.

  2. Alll that and a smashing dress. Great cover.

  3. I think this cover is so much more intriguing than a lot of the other "girl-in-dress" covers out there. This cover alone would definitely make me want to pick up this book!