October 15, 2011

IMM The Book Order Edition! and Some Winners

In My Mailbox is a fun feature that shares what books I got this week in my mailbox, from the story or from the library. This week I'm got Scholastic book orders in.  

Wanna see MY haul??? 

Here's the books I got! Well with a few others from Paperback Swap and Won!

I won't list them all but some of the ones I'm excited for are:

This Dark Endeavor
The Eleventh Plague
A Tale Dark and Grimm
If I Stay
Dirty Little Secret

And not pictured:

Forever (Shiver #3)
Darth Paper Strikes Back
The Medusa Plot
Beautiful Darkness
To Die For

A Few Winners 

With a Name Like Love


My Life Undecided

Jamie L

Thanks all for entering!


  1. wow! Great stuff. I did love to pieces This Dark Endeavor. I reread it with my ears and picked up so much more. Then, I was inspired to try Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Oppel really did his homework. The work is exciting enough for reluctant readers, but also very excellently written. Enjoy!


  2. Enjoy your haul! Saw your link at Literary Rambles and am stopping by to say hello!

  3. I am glad to read the enthusiasm for This Dark Endeavor. I am kind of stuck in the middle and was debating whether to finish it or not. Guess I will now!

  4. You'll love If I Stay. And congratulations to all the winners!