October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Books that Scare Me

Happy Halloween to all that celebrate! 
 I thought today I'd share a few books that scared me.  I will say that books really don't scare me that much.  Movies! Movies scare me, but not books.  I think it's because I can control what I see in my mind while reading, but I can't do that with movies. But there are a few books that scared me some.  

The Shining by Stephen King

I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King.  Some of his books I just love (The Stand) and others not so much (The Tommyknockers)  The Shining is one I loved.  I read it several years ago after I found out that the movie  with Jack Nicholson did NOT follow the book very well.  At the time a TV version came out that did.  That movie made me read the book.  I loved it! It was so much more creepy than "jump out at you" scary.  I think I like psychological thrillers better because they get into my brain better.

The Devouring Series by Simon Holt

For this one I have to say the series as a whole because honestly I didn't find the first one that scary or creepy. BUT as the series went along the story got creepier.  The idea of the fearscape (being stuck in your worst fears amplified) just creeped me out!  And it just seemed like the Vours got worse and worse as the series went along.  Definitely worth the read.

Anything by John Saul!

When I was in high school (and I think also middle school) I read almost every book by John Saul - Comes the Blind Fury, Suffer the Children, Nathaniel, When the Wind Blows.  I loved them all! Now John Saul is the bloody yucky kind of scary and I soooooo loved them all! I'm actually surprised my mom let me read them!  Maybe they had something to do with me never wanting to be home alone growing up! If you want something creepy, odd, bloody and scary give him a try!

With that have a great Halloween! If you like to read books that scare you share them! I'd love to give them a try!  My students are always suggestion anything by Mary Downing Hahn :)


  1. The Shining was definitely scary. What about The Graveyard? Loved it. Happy Halloween!

  2. I honestly didn't find The Graveyard scary!

  3. I've never tried any of these.

    I need to try The Graveyard.

    Happy Halloween :D

  4. Thanks for the great reviews Jill.
    It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway ^_^) that anything by Stephen King scares the dickens out of me! Happy Halloween!

  5. I agree that movies scare more than books, but Stephen King's Duma Key had me up all night checking the doors and windows between chapters.