October 14, 2011

For the Guys: Guest Post: Comic Book as a Gateway to Reading +Giveaway

On Fridays I like step back and make sure that I am addressing boy readers.  It's so easy to review and highlight books for girls, but I also teach boys, so I need to make sure to find books for them! 
Today I have guest post about comics being a great way to get boys reading. AND a giveaway too!

Visiting today is Kai from Fiction State of Mind.  Welcome Kai to The O.W.L.

Comics as a Gateway to Reading.
Comic Books have always been a part of my reading experience. My Father and I had a weekly Sunday tradition of visiting our local pharmacy and its spinning comic’s racks.

I was an avid reader already but comics offered a different experience. Bright colors, Superheroes and some of my favorite cartoon characters visually come to life. 

Boys naturally seem to be drawn to comics, even if they lack consistent reading skills in school or at home. Comic Books however have gotten a pretty bad reputation among some adults and teachers. I however feel that if parents are actively involved comics can be a great way to stimulate young readers. Here are some tips: 

1) Find a local comic shop in your community. It may take a few tries but find a shop that's well lit, and has a decent selection. Comics have really adapted into a market that caters to teens and adults so it's important to find a kid friendly environment. The advantage of a shop is the staff will be able to recommend kid friendly books.

2) Read with your children I took to books like a duck to water as a child. The foundation of that was my parents’ reading to me at bedtime. If your child gets 2 or 3 comics sit and read one with them, start a dialogue about the themes or the art.

3) Make it a Ritual
New comics come out every Wednesday. If you schedule doesn't allow a weekly visit pick one weekend a month and go as a family. Finding time together as a family is a challenge to a lot of families. Picking a day in advance and sticking to it is a great way to spend time together and encouraging reading. 

Hope you give this tips a try! Let me know how it turns out. 

Thanks so much Kai for that great post.  I know with my son, I have found comic books a great way to get him reading!

Today Kai has a great prize pack to get you started: 
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  1. I just discovered this wonderful blog this morning, and coincidentally I'm talking about comics and reading influences on my blog!