September 12, 2011

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week!!!

Welcome everyone to Book Blogger Appreciation Week!  

This is the week each year where we celebrate the book blogging community - and what a great community it is!

Throughout the week you'll be seeing different posts sharing some of our thoughts, celebrations, goals on blogging.  Today we're looking at the community of blogging and sharing with our readers some of the great bloggers that have made blogging a unique experience for us.

I have a few to share!

Ms. Martin Teaches Media: Ms. Martin is a fellow MN blogger that I love!  Every time I go to her blog I'm reminded of the basic reason why I'm blogging - to read and review books so others can find great books to read.  That's what she does! If you are looking for a clear, concise review of MG or YA books, you need to check out her blog.  Her love for reading comes through each review, and the sheer number of books she reviews is testament to the fact that reading is important to her.

Reading Vacation: I sometimes feel like a fraud reviewing MG books because I'm definitely not the right age for them!  Malina at Reading Vacation is! But she way more than that.  To me she is the face of the middle school reader - the age I teach, so following her blog and reading her reviews gives me insight into what they are thinking and that helps me get them reading more.  But beyond that, she's just an amazing blogger!  She is taking the blogging community to a new level with her just announced Young Bloggers feature.  If you want to see the true diversity in YA/MG blogging plus meet a girl that kicks my butt when it comes to the amount of reading she does you have to check her out!!!!!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy:  If you don't know Juju or her blog you must go!  She is the nicest, sweetest blogger around.  I aspire to be like her in the amount of comments she makes on the blogs of others AND how she replies to the comments on her own blog.  She is a shining example of community in the blogger world.  To top it off, she has a great blog.  I really like her Wee-views where she gives short reviews on a book.  Thanks Juju for all you do!

Those are just three of the many bloggers that influence me daily.  Do you have any you would like to share?


  1. Those are three of my favorites as well!

  2. Oh honey thank you so much for the mention and love. *hugs* You rock.

  3. Juju is amazing. Good luck this week.

  4. I'm not aware of any of these here, so thanks for the introduction.

  5. Glad to see Juju mentioned. She is so sweet.

  6. I love your owl header!

    Hi, I am stopping by to visit your blog via the list of posts for Day one

    Please Stop by My Blog if you Like

  7. Jill,

    I was so surprised to see my name on your blog post. THANK YOU for being so kind. I like coming here to see the books we have in common.