August 8, 2011

Cover Crush: Otherwordlies and Siren's Cry

I soooo love book covers. Honestly I've been known to drag my sister through the bookstore to show her a cover I like or hunt down certain students to show them.  It really is like I have a crush.  So once a week I like to highlight these covers.

This week I'm crushing on:

This is a simple one.  I just love how this girl looks.  Although she looks older than the main character in the book, there is a naivety about her that comes through.  And the green eyes in Otherwordlies are great.  You can still see them in Siren's Cry, but it's neat to see a different angle of the face.  I know these aren't the most exciting covers, but I first picked up Otherworldlies because of the cover alone!


  1. O those are simple but so different and cool too. Great choice.

  2. I agree I like them too, especially the first one. The eyes are striking!