August 1, 2011

Cover Crush: Oddity

I soooo love book covers. Honestly I've been known to drag my sister through the bookstore to show her a cover I like or hunt down certain students to show them.  It really is like I have a crush.  So once a week I like to highlight these covers.

This week I'm crushing on:

Oddity by Linda Pohring

Oh wow!  Wow! Wow! Wow! Normally I crush on covers that are "pretty".  This one isn't.  It doesn't have the girl with the flowing dress or the striking eyes.  No this is more raw.  That girl just jumps off the page on me.  What is she going through?? Why is she without clothes? I want to get to know her and her story. 
Wouldn't you be pulled towards it if you saw it on the shelf?

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