July 23, 2011

Weekend Question: Why Do You Read and Owl of the Week

I've been looking for something simple to do on the weekends, and after reading a post that really hit home about showing your followers who you are and letting YOU shine through on your blog, I thought this would be a great addition to my week.  What is this?  It's the Weekend Question hosted by Cleverly Inked.  
Each weekend she poses a question, and we share the answer with our readers.  It's a great way to for us bloggers to get to know a bit more about each other.  
Hope you like it, and if you want to play along, visit Cleverly Inked.

This weekend's Question:

With so many hobbies and tons of activities the can easily fill more then one life time, why do you read?

You know I've thought about that question a lot, and sometimes that answer is "Why do I breathe?".  For me reading has always been as important, as part of my life, as natural as breathing.  I've spent time reading, large amounts of time, for as long as I can remember.  I was THAT girl in high school that always had a book with me.  That was excited about having reading days in English.  It's just a part of me. 

But I guess there is more of an answer than that.  I read because I love getting caught up in the story and lives of the characters. I read because it can take me places I'll never go.  I read because it teaches me.  I read because sometimes it makes me feel less alone in what I'm going through.  It just has always been a comfort to me in some way - in a way I can't fully put into words.  But you know how sometimes when you're feeling out-of-sorts or sad or lonely, so you curl up in a blanket to feel safe, or eat that food that makes you feel like you're home again - that's what reading feels like to me.  Always has.

Ok hope that wasn't too touchy-feelly :)  So what about you?


And, um, I thought I'd sneak in another old favorite of mine - the Owl of the Week!  Don't you all miss it???? Ok here he is:

This adorable Owl Slippers!!!! Check out the Etsy store that sells them,The Little Pea Shoppe.    

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ha--"Why do I breathe?"--that's funny! Read your question and snorted because I kind of thought the same thing. I love it. I live for the times when I can sit down with a good book and dive into the story.
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  2. I read for the escape and journey :)

    Those owl slippers rock!

  3. Like you, I've always read. For the same reasons and to escape to fantasy worlds I'd love to experience.

  4. For me, that's an easy one. I read because, unlike any other hobby, reading transports you to another world and another part of yourself. Yes, I guess it's unhealthy to live in another world, but books address real life problems in a fun way. I mean, knitting can't do that, now can it?

    - Amanda

  5. Oh gosh the owl slipper/socks so amazing