July 31, 2011

A New Poll: IMM Do You Want an IMM Post?

Hey all another quick poll for you.  I stopped doing IMM posts awhile back, but I'm curious.  Would you like an IMM post from me?  Do you like them because it give you a fill for what I read and like so hence what the focus of my blog is?  Do you not really care about IMM posts and skip them?  Just your thoughts please.  

And please please please I'm not bashing in any way the IMM posts if this even hints at it! I stopped doing them because they took time!  But I'm wondering if it's something my readers would like to see.

If you could take the  poll on the right that would rock!
Thanks all!!!!!


  1. I like reading other people's IMMs because it does give me books to think about. But, I don't do my own IMM. So, there is my mixed answer for you!