June 6, 2011

Cover Crush: Prized (Birthmarked #2)

I love book covers.  I really really do.  Even my students know how much I love them.  I'll share a new book and go on and on about the cover.  Or I'll search out a few students in the morning to show it to them.  They laugh at me but they get it.  They also get that a "bad" cover is - well just bad! I truly do get a crush on certain covers.

Currently I'm crushing on:

Prized (Birthmarked #2) by Caragh M. O'Brien
Coming out November 2011

I'm not completely sure what it is about this cover that I love, but I do really love it!  I think it's a combination of the colors and the swirls - and the way the title swirls in with all the other artwork.  I'm just very drawn to it.  It seems like if I saw it in person there would be little pieces that would be found each time I looked at it.  
Interestingly I haven't read Birthmarked yet, but it is on my summer reading list!!

What do you think of it???


  1. Birthmarked was fantastic! That cover had a lot of symbolism that I really wasn't aware of until I actually read the book, so now I can't wait to read Prized and figure out what the deal is with the different cover elements here.

  2. ACK!!!! There's a new one?? And a new cover?! It's gorgeous!!!!

  3. O me too! That's beautiful. I love blue covers.

  4. Ooh, look how pretty! I love the font and the colors. I haven't read BIRTHMARKED yet but it is on my TBR pile...
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  5. That cover has all sorts of awesome sauce spread over it. I'd buy the book because of the cover.