May 5, 2011

Book Review: Twelfth Grade Kills

Title: Twelfth Grade Kills (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #5)
Author: Heather Brewer

From Goodreads
It all comes down to this.

Vlad’s running out of time. The Elysian Council has given him weeks to live, and that’s if the Slayer Society doesn’t kill him – along with all the citizens of Bathory – first. Then there’s the issue of Vlad’s father, who may or may not still be alive after all these years, and oh yeah, that tiny little detail in the Pravus prophecy about Vlad enslaving Vampirekind and the human race. So much for college applications.

In this epic finale to Heather Brewer’s heart-stopping Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, dark secrets will be revealed, old friends will become enemies, and warm blood will run cold. Just be careful it isn’t yours.

I adore this series I really truly do.  It has been so fun watching Vlad grow up and become who he was always intended to be.

The Characters:  Ok I love Vlad - I have from the first book.  He was so easy to love because he wasn't this perfect, self confident boy.  Instead he struggled a lot with everything - from being picked on to dealing with being a vampire.  It was great to see, in this last book, how confident he had become.  He was so much more sure of who is was and what he needed to do.  After 5 books with him he still continued to grow.  I also liked, though, how Vlad still needed to grapple with things happening.  Questioning who and what he should believe, but this time he was much more logical in his thoughts and much more willing to act on them. 

All the minor characters were just as strong as always - from Henry and Joss to Snow and Meredeth.  It was great to see Joss back and how his character develops in the book.  There was so much about him I learned.  Like Vlad he definitely grew throughout the course of the books.  I can't wait to read the books Heather Brewer are writing about him.  It will be neat to learn even more about him. 

And then Snow.  Dear sweet Snow.  Beyond Vlad, she is my favorite character in this series, and I was very please to see how her story developed.  I had worried she would end up fading out of the books, but she was there in a very strong way!

The Plot:  There was a lot going on in this book.  From the question of Vlad's dad, to the question about Vlad being the Pravus or not and saving all humankind!  So many many things!  Thankfully they were all given fair play and nothing seemed short changed.  The questions I needed answered were answered in due time (ok ok so I did get impatient, but that's me!) And boy oh boy was it filled with some awesome twists and turns.  I was never bored because I learned soon on that I couldn't trust anything because it could be pulled out from under me at any time.  What a great way to hold my interest.  This led all the way to a very dramatic final scene where all the answers (well most) are given.  Breath-holding and heart pound right until Vlad's last act.  Well done!

Final thought:  I'll miss you Vlad, but I'm happy with how it all ended.
Best stick-with-you image:  Graduation
Best for readers who: like vampires that don't sparkle
Best for ages: 12+

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  1. I feel so left behind. This is going on my summer reading list too! Especialy since the series is done! Thanks for the reviews.