April 17, 2011

There is No Try April 17

So as you might have noticed I've skipped a few weeks of my Sunday writing post.  Why?  Ooooooh well maybe, just maybe because I didn't write :(  I've had a very hard time getting my bottom in the chair.  Excuse after excuse has flown out of me:  I'm tired, migraine, my mom was here, I was sick - on and on and on.  Today I said ENOUGH.  I grabbed my writing bag, made sure I had my netbook and headed to Starbucks.

<note to self: Starbucks is rather busy on a Sunday morning!>

I got a white chocolate mocha with raspberry (and please oh Starbucks gods - get SUGAR FREE raspberry!), put my bottom in a chair and spend 90 writing/revising/rearranging!  It was awesome. I feel like a made a slight dent in the first corrections.  And the neat part - I was once again pulled into the story by Maya my main character.  Ok this may sound weird, but I <3 that girl, and I know I have to tell her story.

So where does that leave me now? I have my calendar out and I'm scheduling writing!  My next writing day is Tuesday!

So for once I can say I had a huge DO and not a DO NOT!  It feels great!

Question for all you writers:
Where do you write?  Do you prefer someplace like Starbucks where there is noise, but no one there to specifically distract you? Or do you prefer someplace silent and alone?  Just curious.

There is No Try!


  1. Love the quote! I can't write in public, usually write at home in my quiet sasquatch cave.

  2. I write at night (after my kids are in bed). I'm usually propped up by a bunch of pillows on my bed. Sometimes I need it quiet and sometimes I have the tv on for noise.

  3. I like writing at the park, where I get distracted watching ducks. But they're actually less distracting than the very quiet library, where I keep having to jump up to look at that oh-so-fascinating book title on the shelf over there... I used to write while watching TV, but have somehow lost my multitasking ability in that area in the last couple years.

    Congrats on the good writing session!