April 1, 2011

Friday's for the Guys Team Owl Review: TRAPPED

On Friday I like to look at books that boys might enjoy.  Today I have a review from a Team Owl member. 
He has an honest review for Trapped.

Title: Trapped
Author:  Michael Northrop

Book Summary
The day the blizzard started, no one knew that it was going to keep snowing for a week. That for those in its path, it would become not just a matter of keeping warm, but of staying alive....
Scotty and his friends Pete and Jason are among the last seven kids at their high school waiting to get picked up that day, and they soon realize that no one is coming for them. Still, it doesn't seem so bad to spend the night at school, especially when distractingly hot Krista and Julie are sleeping just down the hall. But then the power goes out, then the heat. The pipes freeze, and the roof shudders. As the days add up, the snow piles higher, and the empty halls grow colder and darker, the mounting pressure forces a devastating decision....
Team Owl Review
Trapped is one of those books that is an “OK book”; I wouldn’t really think that this book will become a well known book, at all. There is some emotion, some romance, and some funny parts. The characters are very normal people doing very courageous things. The book did very good at introducing the characters, but the story started to bore me. I mean, what is so important about getting trapped in school? This book needed bigger meaning and more stories behind it.
I would not read this book again. I would recommend it though, if you want a short book that u can read in 1 day to a week. I really liked how the author made the characters. They felt like the characters actually went to a local high school. This book made me think of me and 6 other people trapped in school on a snow storm. If u want to wonder that too, this book will make u think about how will the characters survive. And also you may have your personal opinions on the characters.
What I Thought Of The Cover
The cover actually was the big reason I read the book, it’s very cool and I really like it. On the back there is no summary, it is just a sign covered up saying ‘Dance Friday, Winter Wonderland’ that goes along with the book,  and how they were looking forward to the winter dance.
Overall Thought Of The Book
I have mixed emotions about this book.  I got really bored of it, but some parts I really liked. But I think I could find a way better book to read.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review. Not sure if I'll check out the book. I pick up books because of the cover sometimes too.