March 6, 2011

There is No Try March 6 - No Excuses

Do Not :(

So this week basically stunk when it came to writing.  It was just one of those weeks where I couldn't pull it together.  I have bunches of excuses (my sister moved, I was crabby, school was busy, etc) but the honest truth is - I just didn't sit down and write.  There I said it.  It was all my fault.

I read lots from authors about what you need to do if you want to be a writer and what do I hear over and over and over and over and over:

You need to plan your butt in the chair and WRITE!

That's what I didn't do.  Every time I don't write a million excuses try to back myself up, but I think it's time to say it and say it every timeThere are no excuses for not writing.

      If I had time to:
  • Be on Facebook
  • Be on Twitter
  • Read
  • Watch TV
  • Shop on
  • Nap
  • Plan out my "perfect" writing room

Then I had time to write.  Especially in the place of watching tv or bumming around the Internet!!!! I mean really I'll be sitting there staring at the tv, and I'll be thinking that I should be writing, but I don't plant my butt in the chair and get going.  Am I lazy? I don't think so, I'm just avoiding.  Blogging this is partially to help me not avoid! I'm hoping that it will help me work through some of my avoidance issues :)

As for spending time planning out that perfect writing room - just another excuse to not be writing - but I do have lots of ideas for one :)!

So this week's goals
  1. No excuses!
  2. Tuesday writing 9-11.
  3. Sign up for: Children's and Young Adults Literature Conference at The Loft (gulp!)
So question:  what excuse do you use when you don't write (ie - what excuse do you need to get rid of!)?


  1. I always open Firefox "just to check one thing," then realize it's been an hour since I wrote anything. :P Sometimes, I'll head to the coffee shop with a notepad so I don't have the option to surf the web. Just write! :)

  2. i got my book in the mail that i won from you guys! CUTEST package ever with the little owl ribbon and little tiny card inside. props for that =]

    when i don't write, i say "i'm building my online blogger platform." but then i realize i've been wasting time allll day.

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