March 17, 2011

Team OWL Review: The Girl Who Became a Beatle

This review is from a great Team Owl member who was super excited to find a book about music.  He says they are very hard to find!

Cover Image
Title: The Girl Who Became A Beatle Author: Greg Taylor

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!
When Regina Bloomsbury’s band, the Caverns, breaks up, she thinks it’s all over. And then she makes a wish—
“I wish I could be as famous as the Beatles.”
The Beatles are her music idols. The next day, she gets up to find that the Caverns are not just as famous as the Beatles, they have replaced them in history! Regina is living like a rock star, and loving it. There are talk shows, music videos, and live concerts with thousands of screaming fans. And Regina is the star of it all.
But fame is getting the better of Regina, and she has a decision to make. Does she want to replace the Beatles forever?
The Girl Who Became A Beatle is a wonderful book by author, Greg Taylor. I highly prefer this book to all music lovers, especially ones who like The Beatles. There aren’t many novels with pop-culture facts like this one. The story of the book is about this girl Regina and her band The Caverns. The Caverns are breaking up because 2 of the members are joining The Caverns’ rival band. So after a horrible day at school, Regina comes back home and wishes to be as famous as The Beatles. When Regina wakes up the next day, all her Beatles fan items are gone. They are all replaced with the same type of items just nothing to do with The Beatles. They all have something to do with The Caverns. Now no one has ever heard of The Beatles, and all The Beatles’ songs are now owned to the Caverns. In fact, they aren’t even written by Paul McCartney or John Lennon, They are written by… Regina! Can Regina and the Caverns survive all this fame and fortune? Or will paparazzi and crazy fans get scary? You will just have to wait and see.

What I Thought Of The Cover:

The cover of this book was great. It is taken of The Caverns in form of the ‘Meet The Beatles’ album,

Fact About The Book:

Did you know that before the book was titled ‘The Girl Who Became A Beatle’, it was titled ‘The Band Who Became The Beatles’.

Over All Thought Of The Book:

I think this is actually one of the best books I ever read. I am a big music lover myself and I would totally read this book again.
Here's the book trailer



  1. HAH! I actually thought (after reading the title) the girl becomes a beetle, as in, a bug!!!

    Okay, stop laughing :P
    Great review! You're right, there aren't many books with music in them.

  2. I loved this book too. I actually haven't heard much of the beatles so this book made me look up some of their music and now I really like it! Great review!

  3. I hadn't heard about this book. It sounds great and it's one I can share with my little bit (she's 11 now)!


  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Its going on my TBR list.