March 10, 2011

Review: Once Dead, Twice Shy

Title: Once Dead Twice Shy
Author: Kim Harrison
From Goodreads
My name is Madison Avery, and I'm here to tell you that there's more out there than you can see, hear, or touch. Because I'm there. Seeing it. Touching it. Living it.
Madison's prom was killer—literally. For some reason she's been targeted by a dark reaper—yeah, that kind of reaper—intent on getting rid of her, body and soul. But before the reaper could finish the job, Madison was able to snag his strange, glowing amulet and get away.

Now she's stuck on Earth—dead but not gone. Somehow the amulet gives her the illusion of a body, allowing her to toe the line between life and death. She still doesn't know why the dark reaper is after her, but she's not about to just sit around and let fate take its course.

With a little ingenuity, some light-bending, and the help of a light reaper (one of the good guys! Maybe), her cute crush, and oh yeah, her guardian angel, Madison's ready to take control of her own destiny once and for all, before it takes control of her.
Well, if she believed in that stuff.

My Review
I read this book this past summer, and I'm only not getting around to writing the review.  I'm kinda glad I waited until now to write it because the book grew on me over time!

When I read it I really had a hard time with it at first.  I kept double checking that I wasn't reading the second book in the series because it seemed like there were things that happened that I should know but I didn't - things that would've been in a "first" book.  Once I got over that feeling though the story moved along.

I liked Madison.  I really did.  She seemed very realistic for the unrealistic situation she was in.  She was confused, angry, closed off at times, frustrated - everything you would expect! I liked that.  I liked that she didn't seem all confident and independent.  I could buy into what was happening because of Madison's attitude and how she reacted to everything around her.

As the plot went along I had points were I was confused and a bit annoyed with Madison (but again it seemed realistic). She did things that made me just shake my head.  I could see they were going to get her into trouble, but I kind've liked that she did them anyway.  Why did I like that - because she did what I would've been afraid to do.  You gotta like a girl like that.

The ending - ok I was confused about the whole fate thing.  I mean I got it, but not completely - again I believe just like how Madison felt!  I do know that I'm super curious to see how the whole thing plays out.

Final Thought:  Ok so I didn't love it but it really did grow on me
Best stick-with-you image: Her guardian angel - cute! :)
Best for readers who like: to just have fun with a book
Best for ages: 13+

I just saw the cover for the 3rd book.  LOVE IT!


  1. I gotta say the title sounds fun. Glad it was good read for you.