March 7, 2011

CSN Stores Review

Once again CSN Stores impresses! I had originally gone looking for a leather briefcase for my husband, but as usual I ended up getting something I wanted :)

Our front entry needed a new floor rug, so I spent hours at CSN looking.  They had so many I didn't know what to pick.  Thankfully you could search my shape, and since I wanted a round one I could narrow it better. 

This is the one I ended up getting.  Isn't it great?!? I love it!

A close up

I will say that when it showed up at my door I was a little worried about how it arrived because it was in a plastic bag not a box.  That really surprised me.  I thought that was risky.  Well once I tried to open the plastic I realized that I shouldn't have worried.  The plastic was so thick I had to take a scissors to it!  The rug was well protected.

I also need to comment on another part of the shipping.  I got an email from CSN saying it was going to ship later than promised.  Honestly - I would've never known the shipping was later than they estimated if they hadn't emailed me.  It seemed to arrive really fast!

Once again a positive experience with CSN.  If you are looking for anything (I mean anything!) try there first!

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