February 15, 2011

Guest Student Review: TTYL

Title: TTYL
Author: Lauren Myracle
From Goodreads
An epistolary novel for the 21st century, this sharp, funny, and true-to-life breakout hit about friendship is told entirely in instant messages. And Internet-savvy teens have fallen in love with flirty Angela (SnowAngel), moody Maddie (mad maddie), and good girl Zoe (zoegirl) and their frank perceptions about a tumultuous tenth-grade semester.

Guest Review
I love TTYL, it is a really good girl book if you like high school drama you will love this book. Some parts of the book were confusing but you get back on track really fast so that is good. I loved all the girls in the book. One thing with this book you will want to know is that it is over IMing I think that is really cool I love that part of the book. All girl that are like me and LOVE drama should read this book. I hope you love it like I did.

Note from me:
This book is written in an "on-line" chat format with tons of chat slang etc.  I'm not sure I could follow it, but my students don't have a problem.  Also - a few of my girls have just fallen in love with this series more than I've seen in the past.

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  1. I've actually always wanted to read this book, but I've always been afraid to buy it because I thought the format might be too distracting. Buuut, maybe it's time a just break down and buy it...

    - Jackie