January 17, 2011

Monday Cover Love: The Secret Year

I love book covers. LOVE them - some more than others of course. I love hearing what others have to say about them.
On Mondays I merrily share some of the good ones I've seen, find out what version of a cover you like better or express my disappointment in a cover that could've, in my opinion, been better. As always, click on the image to see its Goodreads page.

Today I'm in love with:

The Secret Year
I thought the hardcover cover was great, but I really like this one!!!
Now I just need to get around to reading it!


  1. The girl on the cover looks just like Hermione! You're right; it is a beautiful cover.

  2. I really enjoyed this book. Hope you get around to reading it. There are just so many good books.

  3. I really enjoy this cover although I'm super attached to the original hardcover version haha.