December 4, 2010

Remember When: House of the Scorpion

In Remember When I revisit awesome books from the past.  These may be books I read when I was in school or just a few years back.  Either way they are books that need to be remembered and revisited.  I hope more of you think about doing a Remember When and spread these fantastic books around!

This Week I'm Remembering:

The House of the Scorpion
by Nancy Farmer

 I read this book several years ago and LOVED it.  I wish more people would read it.  The concept is pretty interesting - the idea of cloning people and why Matteo was cloned.  The sentence that got me in the summary before I read it was that he was "harvested" and grown in a cow! How could that not get your attention?  Although the story is long it held my interest because it has action, mystery, and suspense.  And or me, it had me cheering for Matteo.  I so wanted him to be free and find happiness.  I remember it being very difficult to watch him go through what he did as he found out he truth behind his life.  But it was also fantastic watching him grow stronger and go after what he wanted.  Ever since reading it, I've hoped for a sequel but there has never been a sign of one. 

If you want another opinion of the book, Melissa from One Librarian's Book Reviews just posted a review of this book.  Check out her review of The House of the Scorpion.
From Goodreads
At his coming-of-age party, Matteo Alacrán asks El Patrón's bodyguard, "How old am I?...I know I don't have a birthday like humans, but I was born."
"You were harvested," Tam Lin reminds him. "You were grown in that poor cow for nine months and then you were cut out of her."
To most people around him, Matt is not a boy, but a beast. A room full of chicken litter with roaches for friends and old chicken bones for toys is considered good enough for him. But for El Patrón, lord of a country called Opium -- a strip of poppy fields lying between the U.S. and what was once called Mexico -- Matt is a guarantee of eternal life. El Patrón loves Matt as he loves himself for Matt is himself. They share identical DNA.


  1. I love this book! I should go back and read it again sometime. It's such a great story. Too bad it wasn't a series.

  2. Great spotlight on one of my faves (as you know). And thanks for linking my review :) What's so funny is that same line about harvesting from a cow initially turned my sister off from the book - but I convinced her and she loved it. I heard somewhere that there might be a sequel in the works. I hope so!

  3. I've had this book on my shelf for so long but never did get around to reading it. I really want to give it a try now. :)

  4. Ive been meaning to read this for a long time! thanks for visitng my blog I'm following you

  5. This book has been on my shelf for a while. You've inspired me to read it asap!

  6. I had a teen boy asking about this book a few weeks ago. He had read it when it first came out but remembered it being really good and wanted to re-read it. I love when that happens.