November 15, 2010

Monday Cover Merriment

I love book covers.  LOVE them - some more than others of course.  I love hearing what others have to say about them. 
On Mondays I merrily share some of the good ones I've seen, find out what version of a cover you like better or express my disappointment in a cover that could've, in my opinion, been better. 

Today I'm sharing my opinion of the two covers for
The Prophecy of the Sisters.

I've had this book in  my classroom library since last year.  It has the original cover.  Rarely do I have a student look at it.  They are not drawn to the cover.  This fall the book was at our book fair with the new cover.  I saw more girls pick it up than I ever saw all last year!  I told the girls I had the book, and they were suprised.  They didn't realize they were the same book!
I love the new cover.  Sorry folks, but I never did like the first one.
     NEW ONE



  1. I agree. The new cover is much more YAish. The old one looks like an adult book.