October 26, 2010

Tween Tuesday - Leo and the Lesser Lion

Tween Tuesday was started at GreenBeanTeenQueen. In it we share books best for the tween set - ages 9-12. 

This week I'm sharing:

Leo and the Lesser Lion
by Sandra Forrester

This book looks pretty serious, but it also looks like one that could fill your heart.  Hope and sadness all together.  It's not one I think all tweens would be interested it, but it's on that some will really like.

From Goodreads
A heartwarming family story set during the Depression that reads like a classic.

Everyone's been down on their luck since the Depression hit. But as long as Mary Bayliss Pettigrew has her beloved older brother, Leo, to pull pranks with, even the hardest times can be fun. Then one day, there’s a terrible accident, and when Bayliss wakes up afterward, she must face the heartbreaking prospect of life without Leo.

And that’s when her parents break the news: they’re going to be fostering two homeless little girls, and Bayliss can’t bear the thought of anyone taking Leo’s place. But opening her heart to these weary travelers might just be the key to rebuilding her grieving family.

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