October 11, 2010

Owl of the Week

Hey all I've been missing my Owl of the Week, so I thought I'd try to go back to it :)  Here is a fun one, and a chance for you to make your Nook more fun (if you have one like I do). 

I love my Nook - look for a special review of it on Saturday - but I hate the screensavers that come with it BOR-ING! I was in Barnes and Noble and they had this great skull and crossbones on a display one.  The guy behind the counter shared Nook-Look. 

I'm so excited because now I can have fun screensavers!!!
Well of course I had to  look for an owl one and, yup, they had one :D. 
 Here it is:

I highly suggest that if you own a Nook you check out Nook-Look!


  1. Cute! I'll have to go have a look. I downloaded the Alice screensaver when B&N had it up, but now I just have pictures of my son.

  2. I just checked it out! WOW! I need to get to work right now and teach my lovely seventh graders, but ... dang! I can't stop downloading these....