October 13, 2010

CSN Bookshelf Review

A while back I posted that I would be getting something from the great store CSN.  It took me forever to pick something to order because they have such great stuff! I did look at a dining room table because our chairs are in need of help.  I found these Cottage Style Side Chairs and really liked them! Then I looked at a new pet bed for my dog Griffin.  The Paus Berber Ball Dog bed was my favorite, and I know Griff would love it! But in the end it was my den that needed the most help.  It's where I house all  my books and all my blogging materials.  But still it took me forever to decide which bookshelf I wanted.  I finally narrowed it down to the Nexxt Talma Vertical Bookcase.

Once again the shipping from CSN was amazing.  It shipped before the date they said it would.  I love when that happens. 

Here's the box that arrived.

I opened that and found anther box!

I opened that and found ANOTHER box! :)

All these boxes insured that the bookcase was well protected.  The second box was surrounded by a lot of bubble wrap keeping the inside box safe and in place.

I opened the final box to find that the careful wrapping had started there.  Each piece was well wrapped and protected to keep it from chipping or scratching.

Taking out the instructions, I found only pictures with no words to explain what to do.  I usually cringe at instructions like that, but these looked pretty simple.  It was the same two steps repeated several time.  I started in and hit my first snag.  The pictures were small, so I had a hard time figure out what screws I used for a certain step.  I had to count the times I did that step to see if I used the pack of 4, 28 or 6.  That did frustrate me a bit.  Once I figured that out though, the assembly was simple.  I did get a bit tired getting all the screws in, but that was more being lazy!

I got it done and put it in the room and started to fill the shelves.  It works perfect for what I wanted and needed.  I wanted it to be the place I kept all the books I needed to read and review.  The second shelf was perfect for that! The larger bottom shelves hold my shipping supplies and a box of swag for giveaways. I couldn't be happier with how it works!

Final thought: CSN once again did a great job! Fast shipping, well packaged and nice product.


  1. I just wanted to shoot you a quickie note to say thanks - I got my Spaceheadz pack! It's great!

  2. I totally got the same shelf from CSN! OMG, I cannot wait until it comes in the mail. Yours looks awesome and just confirmed my choice.

  3. Cute! The bookshelf looks great! It looks like you have some awesome books on those shelves too! I need to get another shelf for my office to hold some more books - I will check this one out!