September 5, 2010

Sunday Shelves - Mortal Instruments Series Jewelry

Sunday Shelves is now a multitude of things about books. It might be cool bookshelves I've seen or shelves of other bloggers. It might be cool books I've found that you should add to your bookshelf. It might me items related to reading like bookmarks, artwork. Or it might be a shoutout to fellow bloggers highlighting things they are doing. Sunday Shelves will be anything related to reading and books. Things your bookshelves might want added to them :)

Mortal Instruments Inspired Jewelry

I've just started reading City of Bones (if you haven't read it I suggest you get going!), and I thought it would be fun to share what an amazing Etsy seller has created inspired by the series.

 Here are two of my favorites by Hebelmet

Clary-Jace Spinner Ring.  Check out the details HERE.

Puzzle Heart Pendant.  Check out the details HERE.


  1. Etsy is going to be the cause of my having to file for bankruptcy one day. ;) I really like that ring, only I'd like it to say Cat rather than Clary. haha

    I finally bought the last book in that trilogy (yesterday) and will be reading it soon!

  2. Love the pic with the bookshelf - what can I say - I love books!