September 24, 2010

Friday's for the Guys: The Lab

Every Friday I highlight books and authors that are ones boys might really enjoy. I'm not saying girls wouldn't read these books, but they are clearly "guy" books.
This week I'm highlighting:
The Lab
By Jack Heath
With the popularity of the Alex Rider series, I think this would be another great sounding series to offer to boys.  It seems to have a bit of the same sound as the Rider series.  I like though, that it seems to have a bit more if a sinister twist to it - the main charater seems good, but also a bit more shady! I think it's something that would appeal to boys. 
To top that off, there is a sequel, Remote Control! Any time I can recommnd a book to a boy, it's a bonus when it has a sequel.
From Goodreads
Meet a 16-year-old superhuman: Agent Six of Hearts. He's the strongest, most effective agent in the Deck, a team of special agents fighting to uphold justice in a completely corrupt world. Six would be invincible if not for a deadly secret. He is the product of an illegal experiment by the Lab - a ruthless division of the corporation that controls his world. When the Deck begins to investigate the Lab, Six walks a tightrope between his two worlds, trying to keep his origin a secret.

But then he meets Kyntak, a boy whose past equals his own. As Six's life spirals out of control, he must face his most dangerous, thrilling mission yet.

Here's a "fanmade" trailer that I thought was pretty good :)


  1. Sounds indeed like a perfect boys book! Full of twist and turns, action and shady characters. :) lol. Great one!

  2. I loved this book - I have gotten the sequel but haven't read it yet - have you read it?