August 17, 2010

Review: One False Note - 39 Clues #2

Title: One False Note
Author: Gordon Korman
Publisher: Scholastic

From Goodreads
THIS JUST IN! Amy and Dan Cahill were spotted on a train, hot on the trail of one of 39 Clues hidden around the world. BUT WAIT! Police report a break-in at an elite hotel, and the suspects ALSO sound suspiciously like Amy and Dan. UPDATE! Amy and Dan have been seen in a car . . . no, in a speedboat chase . . . and HOLD EVERYTHING! They're being chased by an angry mob?!?
When there's a Clue on the line, anything can happen.

My Review
Definitely a fast paced book! I couldn't believe how fast I read through this second installment of the 39 Clues!  I see now why my daughter reads through them so quick.  Now what did I think of it?  It was good.  I wasn't as excited about this one as I was the first one.  Now I expected that all the books couldn't stay at the level of the first one, so I'm ok with it.  I won't go into much details, because I don't want to give much away.  What I did like was that it didn't rehash the entire first book.  So many times I read a second book and it feels like a ton of it is just reviewing the previous story.  This had some of that of course, but not so much that it got in the way of the current story.  I also loved the pace - with 10 of these to read they CANNOT drag!  They need to keep pulling the reader right along.  What I didn't really like - the clues seemed a bit more convoluted and muddy.  Even when they were all explained I still felt a little like I needed to say "uh?".  The clues in the first book really fell together.  These seemed like the pieces fit but someone didn't sand off the edges so they fit well.  At the end I had to flip back and remind myself what was found.

What I am liking about the series as a whole is that not only are they fun and work your brain some - they teach you a bit.  This one taught me some facts about Mozart I didn't know and I took piano lessons for 11 years! As a reader that is fun but as a teacher that is fantastic!

Final thought: Keeps the ball rolling and the clues coming
Best stick-with-you image: The Janus Head Quarters - cool!
Best for a reader who: liked the first book and likes mysteries
Best for ages: 8-12

Parent Note: Nothing here to worry about :)



  1. Love this series - so many great characters and adventures - love the website and the cards too.

  2. This has always looked like a good series to buy my nieces. Smart but not too difficult for a younger but advanced reader.

  3. Nice. I've always wanted to try this series. I like books that teach you a bit.