June 14, 2010

Summer Reading Update and Owl of the Week

This summer I am tracking my summer reading in three ways:

Number of books read
Number of minutes read
Number of pages read

I've decided that on Monday I'll give a quick update at where I'm at, so here's my first update  :

Number of books: 2
Number of minutes: 6 hours 23 minutes
Number of pages: 644

On my way :) I just finished The Maze Runner, and I'll be reviewing it for Friday's for the Guys this Friday.

Now for the Owl of the Week

My sweet daughter found this kit at the craft store and made it for me.  I fits my Ipod Touch perfectly!


  1. Sooo cute! I want a butterfly one to keep my ipod cozy!

  2. Very cute! And I hope you enjoyed The Maze Runner. (:

  3. Aww that is so cute!

  4. Isn't it nice to know that your kid made this for you? Kids are special.