May 12, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday - 39 Clues Books 9 and 10

This is a meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. In this post we talk about books yet to be released that we are excited about. I do that, but sometimes I also like to talk about great books I have, but are waiting to read. I also like to try and find books other bloggers are using so that more books are shared!

The books I'm waiting on are:

Storm Warning: 39 Clues Book #9
by Linda Sue Park
To be released: May 25


Into the Gauntlet
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
To be released: August 31

Why I'm waiting for these books:
I am currently reading the first book aloud to my students.  They seem to really be enjoying it.  One student took her dad to Borders and tried to get him to buy her all the books published so far! Any series that can get kids that interested needs to hurry up and get here! Another student got on the computer to find out what branch of the family he is (I told the kids I'm curious if any of them are the Lucian branch.  I'm Ekaterina.). And to top it off the series has actions, mystery and great characters! Anyone else waiting for these?

From Goodreads for #9
On the hunt for The 39 Clues, Amy and Dan Cahill uncovered shocking information about their past - from what happened the night their parents died to the shattering discovery about their family branch.

But the biggest secret of all remains behind Grace Cahill's alternate will. Now, Amy and Dan are about to discover a long-hidden secret of the Cahils - a secret so dangerous that people died to protect it. Will this be the end of them? Or just the end of everything they think they knew?

From Barnes and Noble for #10
Throughout the hunt for the 39 Clues, Amy and Dan Cahill have uncovered history's greatest mysteries and their family's deadliest secrets. But are they ready to face the truth about the Cahills and the key to their unmatched power? After a whirlwind race that's taken them across five continents, Amy and Dan face the most the difficult challenge yet- a task no Cahill dared to imagine. When faced with a choice that could change the future of the world, can two kids succeed where 500 years worth of famous ancestors failed?


  1. Great pick! My students love these books as well!

  2. I am an Ekitrina too! Go us!