April 22, 2010

Review - The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

Title: The Cinderella Society
Author: Kay Cassidy
Publisher: EdmontUSA
Pages: 320
Book from: Cinderella Society Tour by Daisy Whitney

Summary From Goodreads:
When the Prom Queen becomes your fairy godmother…

Sixteen year old outsider, Jess Parker, gets the chance of a lifetime: an invitation to join a secret society of popular girls dedicated to defeating the mean girls of the world. The Cinderella Society guides all new recruits through its top secret ultimate life makeover. It’s all part of preparing them to face down the Wickeds and win. Determined not to let the Cindys down, Jess dives in with a passion. Finally, a chance to belong and show the world what she’s made of.

… be careful what you wish for.

Jess’s transformation wins her the heart of her dream crush and a shot at uber-popularity. Until the Wickeds–led by Jess’s arch enemy–begin targeting innocent girls in their war against the Cindys, and Jess discovers the real force behind her exclusive society. It’s a high stakes battle of good vs. evil, and the Cindys in power need Jess on special assignment. When the mission threatens to destroy her dream life come true, Jess is forced to choose between living a fairy tale and honoring the Sisterhood… and herself.

What’s a girl to do when the glass slipper fits, but she doesn’t want to wear it anymore?

My Review
I thought for awhile how to review this book, so I went with what I'd tell my 7th grade girls.
This is a book I want my daughter to read, because this is how I want her to see herself.  Jessica is a girl that does all the things that should make her proud of herself.  She volunteers.  She works hard at school and her job.  She helps at home.  She's kind to others.  But even with all that she has a lot of Wicked Chatter (negative inner talk) all because she's not in the popular group.  How many girls do I know that fit that image perfectly?  In the book Jessica learns how to be comfortable in her own skin - something at 39 I'm not always capable of!  Yes looking good is still important, but it's looking good in what fits for you.  I like that.  I like that she also has to learn to own her flaws and learn how to work with them. By own them I mean -  name them and then learn to accept them instead of letting them make us feel bad about ourselves.  How many of us - how many teenage girls - get bogged down by what they see is wrong with themselves never to move beyond it or embrace it and make it a strength?  If they all could learn to do that, think of what they could accomplish.  Maybe by reading this book, they'd take a step in that direction. 

Let's see what else did I like about the book? I liked the idea that there is a organized group of young women and adult woman working together to support and encourage each other and to help out everyone.  I liked that Jessica wasn't perfect - that none of the Cindys were. I liked that Jessica grew throughout the book and became more confident and sure of herself. I liked that it showed girls being smart and strong.  Every one of the girls in the Cinderella Society used their brain instead of relying on looks.  I liked how all the girls supported Jessica and helped her become who she was meant to be - the real her that she should be proud of. 

My one small problem with the book was how quick some things happened - especially with Nick (Jessica's crush).  And what happens between them was, at times, a bit much.  I would've liked to have seen Jessica strong and on her own more before Nick entered the picture.  I did LOVE tho that the boys were very supportive of the girls - not treating them like airheads :)

Final thought: Girl Power X 1000!
Best stick-with-you image: Heather in tears - ouch!
Best for ages: 12+ There is a bit of teenage "stuff" but it's minor and the message is good for a younger age as well.



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