April 10, 2010

Read-a-Thon Kick-Off

Ok I'm actually getting read to start! First a few things about my reading.  I guess you kick off with this info :)

Where Are You Reading From? I'm reading from Minnesota on the comfort of my couch or love seat - depending on which one isn't in use by someone else today :)  As it moves into night I know for sure I'll be on the loveseat because it's much more comfortable!

3 Facts About Me

I'm a 7th grade English teacher
I have 3 kids (that will be surrounding me as I read!)
I'm 65,000 words into writing my first novel!

How many books in my TBR Pile - honestly IDK.  I listed about 7 that I'd like to read but I many deviate from them

Goal: Two of them.  I have to read The Cinderella Society for a blog tour and i want to read 8 hours total.

Any advice - nope never done it before! :)

Ok time to get reading!