April 5, 2010

Owl of the Week April 5

Since I've decided to not do In My Mail Box anymore there is one thing I'll miss - my Owl of the Week! I know it has nothing to do with reading, but it was a fun thing to do :) If you all don't mind on Mondays I'm going to do a quick post showcasing one owl.  I figure I can do these quick enough, and if I don't get one done one week - oh well. 

 So in that spirit here is this week's Owl of the Week!

I was on the blog Shelf Elf, and she highlighted two owls she got.  I sooooooo want one.  They are from an Etsy store called Hilary Cosgrove.  I LOVE these owls! Here's a picture of one. 
Make sure to check out the rest of her store.  She's got some cute stuff. 


  1. Awww, that little guy is too adorable for words! :-)

  2. Definitely keep the Owl of the Week! I love seeing them! This one is especially cute! :)

  3. Super cute!! I'm slightly obsessed with owls, so IMHO your blog is rockin'. :)