February 21, 2010

Sunday Shelves Feb. 21

I am weirdly facinated by other people's bookshelves and why they arrange them how they do. I took this and created a weekly feature, Sunday Shelves. In this feature I highlight the bookshelves of different bloggers and readers.

This week I'm featuring:

Here's what she has to say about her shelves:
In my cramped living space, my books are pretty much all over the place. I have a total of six bookcases, five shelves (walls and desk), two drawers, and a cabinet full of books. My favorite shelves are the ones in my closet because the contain most of my adult and YA fantasy.

Even though I'm a librarian, the books aren't put in any clear manner. Some of them are alphabetized, some of them are stacked by size. All of my shelves are full, so my organization system is basically whatever fits wherever I can fit it. I try my best to keep series together, but it's not always possible. What's funny about it is that if you name a book, I'll be able to give it to you within a few seconds -- I remember where every book is.

What I really like about my bookcases (besides the books) are all the little reminders of things I love -- my Broadway mugs and snowglobes, mockingjay pin, pictures, some scrapbooking supplies, and souvenirs from trips. I like seeing my interests together, having a visual representation of my favorite things all the time.

One day, I'd like to separate my YA books from my adult books. And also to break down YA by genre. Well, that and manage to have the library from "Beauty and the Beast."

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  1. Whoa that's a lot of books! I love this meme :)

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love seeing and learning from other people's bookshelves...What's funny is how much in common we -readers- have in common!

  3. Thanks Jill, so much, for featuring me and my shelves! I had a great time writing the post.

    Apologies for the delay in commenting!