February 25, 2010

I Love to Read Month at My School

I don't know if you know that February is I Love to Read Month.  We celebrate it at my middle school every year.  One of the really cool things we do is create "book posters".  Each homeroom picks a middle school chapter book and recreates the book cover in a poster form.  These are then hung up down our main hallway.  The results can be pretty amazing.  I've put together a slide show of this year's posters. 


  1. How beautiful! I love it! Such talent! And what a wonderful project. I would have LOVED this when I was in school.

  2. Aww that is so cool! All of them are so good :)

  3. Those are great!

    Here in Australia we have Book Week which is coming up in August. I'm working in a public library at the moment and we always have events on but it was so much fun when I was on work placement at a primary school library one year. We got to put on so many great activities for the kids, everyone dressed up, and each of the classes made a mural depicting a different book.

    I also have an award for you to collect over on my blog!

  4. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hye, I was blog walking when I found your blog.
    And I felt instantly in love with your layout and header.

    Anyway, I have an award for you here.
    Hope you like it!

  6. Your students are so creative! Which book did your classroom do?